It’s a quiet Friday afternoon and my eight and a half year old daughter is taking a nap in her bed, in her room she loves to decorate. She used to like Barbies until she became eight – at which point, she suddenly gave up the Barbies and instead, found the Seven Super Girls on YouTube. I know she is secure in our home, in her room.

Yet, as I write, my heart breaks for two other little girls who have had to face the brunt of man made cruelty and they are both nine year old. Chloe, a nine year old girl was raped and killed by a stranger in her town just a few days ago, in France. Her mother, devastated, is wondering how the twice convicted man got into their part of the country from Poland. In Iraq, a nine year old little girl is made pregnant by ISIS brutes after gang raping her repeatedly. Elsewhere in India last year, a nine year old was raped and was fighting for her life.

Nine year olds are children  – the demons who walk around in human form cannot understand that. Why and how a human being can do that to a little girl who is still happy to play with her dolls, I cannot understand. The world is a terrible terrible place. Mothers need to understand that. Mothers with young children should be more vigilant than they already are.

Sometimes the perpetrators are next door or right in your own home. When you have daughters or sons who are young enough and vulnerable enough, please find the time to take care. Take nothing and no one for granted. All it takes is one moment in time to lose your precious little girl or boy.

Words cannot express the anguish of the mother who has lost her little girl in a moment – Chloe was playing outside ‘under the supervision’ of an adult. Mothers need to be careful of the adults they trust with childcare duties. Are the reliable and will they stand the test? In this case, the person didn’t.

These are definitely the last days – there’s so much of evil hidden behind doors, behind the faces of people wear as masks. As I write, thousands if not millions of little girls and boys are probably being held against their will and tormented or abused in one way or another.

As a mother, I personally believe that our role is to take better care of our children. If all mothers did that, there would be less heartbreaks like this. Pay attention to your children and that means making sure they are in safe environs under safe care. Keep your eyes and ears open – there is a lot that you may not see.

My prayer is for a safer world for all children – and may the law enforcement agencies all over the world out to get the men and women who deliberately and purposely endanger children on line and in real life, be strengthened and empowered to do their work diligently.

2 thoughts on “How could they do that to a nine year old little girl?

  1. All of your articles on this topic do a) far too much blaming of mothers rather than b) acknowledging that parenting and the safety of a child is a joint task between mother AND father; and c) do nothing to highlight that true blame and fault lie with the perpetrators of these crimes. Whenever a sexual crime is committed against a woman people are too quick to write articles insinuating that maybe she did something wrong, maybe she wore something inappropriate and now a spate of horrible crimes have been committed against young girls and the father isn’t being blamed, the male perpetrators aren’t being blamed… Yet again a woman, the mother in this case, is being blamed. This sort of journalism does NOTHING to highlight the complexities of sexual violence against women and girls and does nothing at all to change perceptions. You have a powerful role of responsibility as a journalist by having your words reach such a wide audience. Use that platform to change perceptions not reinforce outdated concepts.

    1. Take it easy Gayathri – I’m not blaming anyone in my articles -rather, I write hopefully in a thought provoking manner that will help us all to think and ponder more on the way we respond to what is going on around us. I wrote this and other stories on my perception as a mother and how I believe other mothers and yes fathers should assume a better more vigilant role in parenting. My kind of journalism is not fault finding nor is it to engage in preaching but to get us to think as individuals, as citizens and as human beings who are still capable of changing our perceptions and attitudes for the better.

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