Is your dream just a dream?

Everyone dreams of that dream career or that dream turned reality start up but it seems that for most, it stays what it was at the beginning – just a dream. Some of us have these fantasies, these visions about leaving the current job in pursuit of entrepreneurship – still others dream of developing careers that speak to their hearts. For all of those dreams, the hard cased reality is that unless and until you turn those dreams into workable plans, they will not succeed. In order to turn them into action, what areas can we look at and what can we do right?

Success is usually in direct proportion to the effort we put in. Some of us are willing to go along as long as we are assured of total success. From the very beginning. But when it comes to the effort we put in, it seems only a few can handle the pressure of a start up, when you can end up working 12 hours instead of the normal nine to five routine. But when we realize that success can only be measured by the length and breadth of our effort, then we understand how the inputs bring out the outputs and can enable us to fly higher than we have dreamed of.

Success will be routed via specific goals and clear objectives – It is easy to get side-tracked, put off priorities, backtrack on deadlines and wallow in a pit of going-nowhere when you initially set out to make your dream happen. In the absence of clear cut goals and very specific outlines, your agenda is lost and your sight is waning. You need to focus clearly on what your goals are – they must be crystal clear. No one else’s priorities can be accommodated here, however worthy it may seem. Veer to the right or to the left and your dream can come tumbling down.

Success is what you take time to put into yourself – not everyone believes in investing in oneself. Whether in dressing well, in eating well (healthily of course) or acquiring knowledge and expertise, success is always spurred on by the level of investment you put into yourself. You make the moves, you get the ship sailing. You are the master of the destiny that is your start up or your business or your career. Until and unless you begin to understand and appreciate the key role you play, you will not be ready to take the ship to the next level. You must learn to value yourself and your inputs. Too many dreamers become dream catchers without inspiration when they belittle themselves.

Success usually encourages change – some feel change is not always for the better. Not true. Change can and will often open doors that may remain shut otherwise. Change is good, especially when it means more efficient ways of doing things and bigger and better attitudes. Some of us are change resistant especially when we are set in comfort zones. But dreams do not turn into reality for those stuck in comfort zones. Change can come slowly too – it does not always have to be bold and obvious.  

Success involves taking calculated risks – this is a tough one for most. What really are we talking about when we talk taking a calculated risk worth the risk taking. Can I stay where I am without taking risks of any kind because I am fine where I am. Sometimes, you need to soar above the turbulence in order to cruise. Molding your business or your career into a successful one often involves taking a few calculated risks. Ask the men and women who have achieved outstanding success and they will agree.

Success often involves taking responsibility for one’s actions, whether for good or bad – Responsibility is a key word for success. Whether for the good or the bad, taking responsibility is a key leadership trait that will enable us to face and overcome challenges. Not everything down the road is rosy – the pitfalls are many on the road to the top and being responsible and accountable can empower us to achieve our dreams the right way.

Success isn’t in wishful thinking – Success is not in on the same agenda as wishful thinking. I wish I had that, I wish I did that..too many people have wish lists but no plans to get the wish to come true. Wishful thinking would get you nowhere until and unless you turn those wishes into reality. You may feel you do not have access to resources, the connections or the contacts but determination to see your dream come alive is a good place to start. Once you work on developing that dream into a workable platform, you will realize that wishful thinking can indeed become a reality – if given to nurturing in the right environment.    

Success is what you make it out to be – it always depends on what your world view is. For some, success is making a lot of money and retiring to enjoy it. For others, it is leaving a dynasty of wealth to the next generation, even though it is going to ruin them. Yet for others, success is simplified into sharing their resources with others. Success is measured indeed by what you define it to be, on your own terms. Although there are a set of core beliefs and clear objectives that will spur success in our lives, we need to understand and capture what we mean by success, on our own terms.

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