A new year. A new sense of direction. Where to?

A new year is at its toughest point when it is back to school. Getting my soon-to-be seven year old off to school has been a bit of a tough call, as it usually is after holidays.  She is now in school uniform, in Year 3 and suddenly, getting five white dresses, petticoats and red ribbon tied hair all ready every morning is becoming a small challenge.

Back to my topic at hand – a new year beckons a new direction but unless you know exactly where you are going, where to? There are so many possibilities out there. What is your goal for the year – have you realized that 2014 has already started to slip through our fingers? I just realized that in two weeks or so, January will beckon February and then on and on.

A new year can spur us on to visualize new ideas an plans even though most tend to shelf it after a while. What about getting into that work out mode – it’s time you realized that exercise is wonderful when you build it into your daily routine. What about getting a project you were always going to do, finally done? There is always light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing enough to go there.

A new year is the best place to start for those wanting to start their own little business ventures. I cannot help but come back to the entrepreneur because I believe personally that all women are talented and are perfectly capable of engaging in something useful and profitable. Every time I hear of a yet another venture started by an enterprising woman, I am thrilled at the prospect – of the many avenues it will open up for her business.

A fresh new year offers many possibilities. Many avenues too.  It is up to us to make use of those possibilities. We can spend it away, just like we have always done, going through the days until days become months and months become a full year. Or we can promise ourselves we would make this year a different one, one in which we chose to go out and do something different.

As always, the choice is ours.


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