Duchess of Cambridge – Re-inventing motherhood…



Somethings in life will never go out of fashion as the world’s most photographed after her late mother-in-law, recently showed the world. Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Middleton as she is still known, who married Prince William in a fairy tale ceremony and was recently much celebrated for her pregnancy, gave birth to a baby boy this week. As the world’s media went berserk with the news, there were other dimensions that quietly but surely added value to Kate as a symbol of motherhood.


This young woman has single handedly brought understated glamour and attention to the concept of raising a family – she has re-invented motherhood as not just a celeb thing for the likes of Kim Kardashian to tout but as a real, three dimensional concept. One that assures young women everywhere that you can be married to royalty and sit on top of the world but every woman can and must look forward to becoming a mother and raising children. Everything about Kate and her life is pointing back to old values that beckon hope and wholesome goodness.


Mothers around the world watching the Duchess of Cambridge wave to the crowds, were delighted with her still-on-display ‘mummy tummy’. The Duchess, glowing with new motherhood, did little to hide the neat bump which clearly indicated that she had given birth just a few days ago. Mothers groups hailed her decision to ‘let it show’ instead of hiding or tucking it in as the celebrities who have given birth have been prone to doing.


Siobhan Freegard Founder of Netmoms said the Duchess had dispelled the ‘myth that all mothers should be perfect postpartum’. The tummy on display was clearly a powerful message that was aimed at new mothers everywhere that it is ok to have all that flab after giving birth, until your body can be put back into shape.

‘In a couple of minutes on the steps of the Lindo Wing Kate has done more for new mums’ self-esteem than any other role model,’ said Freegard,

‘Sadly, too many celebrities often have ultra-fast tummy tucks or strap themselves down to emerge in tiny size six jeans, leaving everyone else feeling inadequate.

‘Kate shows what a real mum looks like – and natural is beautiful.’


Twitter exploded with women praising the Duchess for her politically correct decision to let the post- natal stomach show. Once again, it was a symbol of telling it like it is , sans the glamour and the perfectly preened look.


Aside from keeping it natural, the Duchess of Cambridge was compared with her late mother-in-law Princess Diana who was not only a fashion icon of her day but also a mother who doted on her children. Diana added glamour to motherhood back in her day but the Duchess, more down to earth and comfortable in a marriage that has clearly worked out for both she and her husband, has empowered motherhood and childbearing as only she could have done.


The modern world is filled with icons who personify everything from victimization to self-adoration. As the younger generations of women grow up with such icons around them, it seems almost to be expected that the values given by these personalities determine the pathway for the young generation to travel. Often, that is not a good pathway. The Duchess of Cambridge has managed to stand tall and serene over all of the competition. And she has been hailed for doing so,  for all the right reasons.


It seems just a few years ago, with Diana’s death that Monarchy hit an all time low. Yet, Queen Elizabeth II  has emerged steel and velvet and has  brought the institution back to its peak having made the right decisions at the right time. She allowed Prince William to marry Kate Middleton; the couple was indeed a breath of fresh air after the tragi comedy of Diana and Charles. The Monarchy today is in ship shape and has been reinforced by the popularity of a young commoner who married her prince and gave birth to her son, single handedly adding tremendous value to the institution of royalty, of marriage and of motherhood.


Old values and traditions are not always to be discarded but can be re-packagd, re-cycled and renewed with vigor and perfect appeal, as the Duchess of Cambridge has shown the world.  People do not always embrace change – they can and will have formed strong bonds with values they knew as children and will not hesitate to re-connect.


As an institution and one that is entwined with the heritage and history of Britain, the Royal Family stands strong and unchanged in a world where everything else seems to change constantly. The Duchess and her new son, yet to be named, could not have done more for the Royal Family’s popularity to soar. More importantly, for all the economic empowerment of women, women leaders and success in climbing the ladder, the Duchess of Cambridge has brought out what is most important in a woman’s life. That of becoming a mother , an experience that cannot be outdone by the most powerful or the most plum job in the world. 

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